EVERYONE should be SHOCKED at the rise in adolescent suicide across the nation. The links below take you to statistics demonstrating the rise in suicide in general and for youth. Some states such as Utah had 140% rise from 2013 to 2017 --- in FOUR YEARS! This is too significant to "blame" on "high altitude" as some suicidology scholars have suggested. The "high altitude" excuse is simply avoiding the true root cause of suicide...Hopelessness and SUFFERING in response to our societal failures. The rising rate is a direct reflection of the world we have created... a world which clearly cares more about money and profit over human well-being. Those who blame it on mental illness are simply passing the buck and avoiding the necessary collective acceptance of responsibility. Each of us is accountable for our contribution we make every day to creating our society; either in a way that nourishes, or a way that destroys - we all have a say in its values and priorities. Aside from genetic, biological/developmental conditions, the VAST majority of mental health issues or mental illness (including suicidal ideation) is a response to a toxic environment - in home/family, school/work/community, state culture/values or nationally/globally.

Societies that prioritize human well-being have a much lower suicide rate. Ours does NOT! Yes there are many trying to change this, but on the whole our society continues to deflect blame to the victims and doesn't put enough value on mental health (as seen in schools funding therapists and policy/curriculum, and in the fact that most insurance barely covers any mental health). Societies that value well-being do not allow money and profit mongers to so strongly influence their legislators and leaders - AND they expect their leaders to care about their collective well being over as the top priority. In our society, most efforts to alleviate suffering are simply a band-aid and do not address the root issue. This will NEVER change until we are prepared to look more deeply and honestly at our priorities and how that defines the structures of our society, as well as the impacts or results of those priorities, which for so many people is currently a massive symphony of suffering. As long as we are willing to ignore suffering (blaming it on the person - or falsely believing you can do nothing about it) and or our window of tolerance for suffering is so wide, nothing will change and the destruction and anguish will only grow. This is a CHOICE. It is a choice we each make, every day, with each thought, word and deed. How are YOU choosing to be in this world?

We CAN choose a different reality.

Together we CAN create a world where ALL can thrive!

Getting there however is a CHOICE.

What do YOU choose to grow

- a world of misery and hate,

or one of LOVE, Kindness and greater sense of humanity?

Each of the links below offer important data about the alarming rate of adolescent suicide in our country today and the persistent risk among LGBTQIA youth.