How do we build a world with more HOPE?

We plant seeds of love, tend them with love and we GROW kindness and HOPE!

Through losing my daughter Lily to suicide when she was 13, I became intensely aware of the suffering of others as I was immersed in my own. The journey through the years since has connected me with many voices and manifestations of suffering. Over and over again, there has been a resounding commonality - the experience of hopelessness.

My search for the source of suffering has made it clear that we do not exist and experience life in isolation or a bubble. We are inextricably connected. We are creators of the shared life we all live. We write the story of hope or hopelessness for one another. With every thought, word, action and intention we create the experience lived for others, for ourselves... for everyone. We are co-creators. This is an invitation to embrace this significant responsibility we have to one another and create something new. We must listen to the voices of suffering to ever be able to aleviate it. Lily was not just a number in the data or just a statistic, she was so so much more. All of the people suffering are not just numbers... we are humans seeking hope.

What YOU can do!! Simple action with a powerful impact.

Reflect on your thoughts, words, deeds, intentions in all encounters and all forms of encounters - in person, driving, at home, online, on social media, in your work.

Are you bringing Hope into the world? If not you may very well be bringing or adding to hopelessness. If you are bringing hope, is it exclusive to certain people or groups, or are there any exceptions? If so, this is most definitely an area you are likely fostering hopelessness. To face this is difficult because no one wants to believe they are killers of hope. So, yes it requires BRAVERY and COURAGE to truly reflect on this with honesty, and be able to see where you may view some groups of people as "others" you exclude. The root of this is seeing these "others" as less human, less valuable, less deserving. You CAN choose to root that poison out of your being. If you can, you are doing and living the work of positive CHANGE in the world.

Through being willing to look closely, dig deep, examine what is within, then consciously plant seeds that are rooted in love and kindness. By planting, nurturing and nourishing these seeds, we will create together a world with greater beauty, greater love, greater HOPE, greater thriving, greater sense of value and interconnection... we will create a new sense of shared humanity.