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Molly McClish

Molly McClish is a NeuroMeditation Instructor, Master Herbalist, former teacher and survivor based in Oakridge, Oregon. Her focus is on working with people who have experienced trauma and who desire gaining the ability to take the reins of their mind in order to transform their daily reality as they move through recovery. She brings her unique understanding and compassion for the intense difficulty of this process which emerges from her own experience of losing her 13 year old daughter to suicide. Her purpose and focus is inviting others to reclaim and reconstruct themselves, and their lives, by taking control of their suffering through NeuroMeditation, connecting with nature, working with emotional intelligence and self awareness, personal ceremony and many other tools. These are tools that can free you from living at the mercy of your trauma. Her work caters to the individual and each person's unique journey toward synthesis of trauma.

Website with online classes, more in depth resources and other links and tools for surviving and thriving after Trauma - Coming Very Soon!

Until then I am available for individual sessions. Contact me via email listed above.